Biodiesel GC Column Range

Biodiesel is taking its place as one of the new cleaner and greener solutions required to meet the world’s growing energy needs. New feedstocks, production techniques and applications are continuing to drive the production capabilities of Biodiesel to meet consumer demand, and this is therefore increasing the analysis required by Biodiesel producers.

The rising price of oil is driving fuel prices to new highs causing substantial global economic impacts. This economic situation combined with the desire for cleaner and greener energy solutions has created the demand for new fuels. Companies and consumers are looking for alternative ways of deriving fuel from available sources.

One alternative fuel achieving both the environmental and economic requirements is Biodiesel. Biodiesel is diesel derived from vegetable oils, animal fats and waste food by-products, usually cooking oil. Major investment is currently being made into the development of algae and other specifically bred plant crops that will increase yield and enable biodiesel to become a major component of our energy infrastructure.

Part No. Description
054640 12m × 0.32mm + 2m × 0.53mm ID HT5 0.1um (biodiesel)
0544331 30m × 0.32mm ID BPX - BIOD20, 0.25um
0544332 30m × 0.32mm ID BPX - BIOD WAX, 0.25um
0544441 30m × 0.32mm ID BPX - BIOD WAX, 1.0um
0541180SG53 10m × 0.32mm ID - BPX - BIOD6584 0.1um, 0.53 × 2m Guard
0541181SG53 15m × 0.32mm ID BPX - BIOD6584 0.1um, 0.53 × 2m Guard
05411801SG53 10m × 0.32mm ID BPX BIOD5 0.1um, 0.53 × 2m Guard