ProteCol™ Accessories

HPLC Tubing

PEEKsil™ may be used as a direct replacement for conventional stainless steel as well as a replacement for PEEK tubing used in LC systems. The PEEK polymer exterior coating and the fused silica combination makes PEEKsil very robust, making it ideal for capillary HPLC and LC - MS applications.

HPLC Connections

ProteCol Unions (stainless steel or PEEK) are combined with reusable PEEK ferrules, facilitating connecting any combination of 0.36mm fused silica tubing, 1/32" and 1/16" PEEKsil.

  • Stainless steel unions can be finger tightened or tightened with a 3/16" wrench for high - pressure applications.
  • PEEK unions can be finger tightened. They are slightly larger than stainless steel unions but also lighter for less stress on your tubing.


EasyLok™ fittings are composed of a knurled stainless steel nut and a double ended PEEK™ ferrule. The PEEK™ ferrule simply slides over any 1/16" OD tubing to its required position, while the nut is finger tightened. Unlike stainless steel, the PEEK™ ferrule will not crush the tubing and can be easily readjusted for quick column changes.

The unique double ended ferrule design seals at two points to prevent leaks. The fittings are compatible with any standard female HPLC fitting including Swagelok®, Parker™, Waters®, Valco® and Whatman®. EasyLok™ fittings are recommended for use with SGE GLT™ columns.

  • Stainless steel 10 - 32 thread fittings use a non-swaging Kel - F® or PEEK™ replaceable ferrule.
  • Inert contact surfaces make them biocompatible.
  • Ideal for applications where corrosive solvents are being used.
  • Hexnut™ with Kel - F® or PEEK™ ferrules are recommended for use with SGE GLT™ columns.

PEEKsil™ Injection Loop
  • Smooth, non - reactive internal bore reduces sample carry - over and sample rinse times.
  • Reduced sample loss due to shear or adsorption.
  • Maximum operating pressures are 3000 psi for 10µL, and 20µL loops.
  • Supplied with PEEKsil™ tubing and two sets of stainless steel Hexnuts™ with PEEK™ ferrule fittings.
  • Compatible with most valves including Rheodyne® and Valco®.

High Efficiency HPLC Column Couplers
  • Inert – biocompatible.
  • Provide a rigid low dead volume, metal free connection between two components of an HPLC system.
  • Ideal for connecting two HPLC columns, a HPLC column to a guard cartridge or inline filter.