Diamond MS Syringes

SGE Analytical Science Diamond Syringe Technology offers a never before seen level of durability, clarity and accuracy in the laboratory. The comprehensive range includes options suitable for gas and liquid samples in various applications including precise liquid handling, HPLC, GC, life sciences and clinical research. No other syringe range provides such brilliance.

Features and Benefits :
  • Longest working life in the industry.
  • Improved solvent resistance.
  • Greater operational temperature range.
  • Reduced dead volume and carry over.

Diamond Syringe Range

The SGE Diamond Syringe range includes manual, autosampler and instrument compatible syringes in a range of capacities, syringe terminations, needle length and needle tip styles. Manual syringes feature a variety of configurations, including: fixed and removal needles, Luer Tips and Luer Locks, SuperfleX® flexible plunger, guided plunger, PTFE tipped plunger (gas tight), NanoVolume. A wide range of autosampler syringes with fixed needle and removable needle options are available for Agilent, CTC, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, and Varian / Bruker autosamplers. Syringes with PTFE tipped replaceable plungers are also available. Compatible syringes are also available for eVol® xr, MEPS® and many autosamplers, dispensers and pumps.