Syringe Accessories

Repeating Adaptor (RAX)
Syringe Racks
Needle Cleaning Kit
Stylet Wires

The SGE Repeating Adaptor (RAX) ensures reproducibility of sample volumes with repeatedly accurate and precise injections.

The RAX is suitable for use on syringes with capacities from 0.5ÁL through to 500ÁL. It has easy to use finger grips and can be set to any desired volume. The RAX can be used as added protection against both plunger blowout at elevated pressures and plunger bending. The flat sides allow it to sit securely on the bench with the needle in a raised position helping to prevent damage. The RAX is supplied with an innovative double - ended tool to facilitate assembly. It is easily and quickly installed, and if required, removed, replaced and even swapped between syringes.

Part No. Description
031930 Repeating Adaptor RAX

Syringe racks organize your syringes and ensure that they do not roll off the bench or top of the instrument and break. A must for every laboratory.

Part No. Description
031776 Syringe rack holds 6 syringes
031786 Syringe rack holds 6 XCHANGE® syringes

Everything needed for thorough needle cleaning. A range of stylet wires, tweezers for holding the wires and a non - ionic surfactant material are provided in a convenient package.

Part No. Description
031745 Replacement Stylet Wires - 150mm × 0.10mm OD (packet of 5)
031746 Replacement Stylet Wires - 150mm × 0.15mm OD (packet of 5)
031747 Replacement Stylet Wires - 150mm × 0.20mm OD (packet of 5)
031782 Needle Cleaning Kit Tube of stylet wires 150mm × 0.10mm OD (packet of 5) Tube of stylet wires 150mm × 0.15mm OD (packet of 5) Tube of stylet wires 150mm × 0.20mm OD (packet of 5) 20mL Cleaning Solution Concentrate Tweezers

Spark Holland Promis LC Autosampler Syringes

Part No. Description
006683 250D-SPARK-GT 250UL SYRINGE